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Pentagram Butterfly Gold Plated Silver Plated Stacking Ring

Pentagram Butterfly Gold Plated Silver Plated Stacking Ring



This stunning ring combines the mystical allure of the pentagram symbol with the delicate beauty of a butterfly. The pentagram, representing the five elements and spiritual harmony, is intricately engraved onto the band, creating a mesmerizing and meaningful design. The butterfly, a symbol of transformation and freedom, is delicately crafted, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to the ring.




Sealed storage: Store in the gift box to prevent surface oxidation in contact with air.

Keep away from cosmetics: try to avoid contact with acidic substances when wearing, such as skin care products, perfume, hand sanitizer, etc.

Keep dry: Please avoid wearing it during bathing and swimming, keep it dry.

  • Unique Design and Fashionable and Personalized
  • Choose Materials With Good Quality And Durability And Recyclable
  • Suitable for both daily life or special occasions as well as work occasions
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