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Green Grape Love Silver Necklace Pendant Pearl Clavicle Chain

Green Grape Love Silver Necklace Pendant Pearl Clavicle Chain

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This is a charming piece of jewelry that combines elegance, nature-inspired design, and a touch of romance.


Sterling Silver, Pearls




Green Grape Love Collection

Half frosted touch

Half transparent texture

Two atria, as if accompanied by a knot

At this moment, both tactile and visual satisfaction


Sealed storage: Store in the gift box to prevent surface oxidation in contact with air.

Keep away from cosmetics: try to avoid contact with acidic substances when wearing, such as skin care products, perfume, hand sanitizer, etc.

Keep dry: Please avoid wearing it during bathing and swimming, keep it dry.

  • Unique Design and Fashionable and Personalized
  • Choose Materials With Good Quality And Durability And Recyclable
  • Suitable for both daily life or special occasions as well as work occasions
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This silver necklace features a captivating green heart pendant with a touch of elegance. The heart-shaped pendant, adorned with vibrant green gemstones, represents love, compassion, and harmony. The brilliant green hue of the gemstone adds a refreshing and uplifting element to the design.

The necklace is adorned with a delicate pearl chain to complement the heart pendant. The pearls symbolize purity and inner beauty with their iridescent glow and smooth texture. Each pearl is meticulously strung together, creating a graceful and refined appearance.

The combination of the green heart pendant and the pearl chain creates a stunning contrast, representing the harmony between nature and elegance. This necklace is a perfect accessory for casual and formal occasions, adding a touch of sophistication and grace to any outfit.

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